Grace and Speed
13/09/2022 09:12 in Master Class

The life we live is a function of God’s grace, the Bible says ‘the race is not to the swift, the battle is not to the strong but time and chance happens to them all’. Grace is the God–factor in the race of life, the book of John 15 says without Him, we can do nothing. Life is very much about God, as many as appear before God in Zion go from strength to strength. Going through life without understanding places a man on a disadvantaged path. The book is about understanding the God–factor in our lives and how to properly connect to God. The chapters of the book showcase the need to see and connect to God in all aspects of life. The book also teaches about the basic necessities on how to maximize God’s grace to achieve full potential. Many in the Christendom have assumed that with ‘Grace’, you just go and sleep while Grace works even when you are doing nothing. GRACE and SPEED Grace doesn’t make a lazy man rather it places demand on us the more about the need to fully utilize what has been made available for us. Hear the voice of the apostle Paul in one of his epistles, ‘I am what I am by the grace of God nevertheless I work harder than any other person.’ This book is a must for all who intend to fully utilize the grace of God in their lives.


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